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Wednesday, 12 June 2013


Friends are the most important people to us after parents. It is true to say that at home, we rely on our parents, but outside, we rely on our friends to take care of each other as well as to bring happiness to our soul.

With the gay communities keep on increasing day by day, we see that the society is starting to feel uneasy.

But, gays are born just like straights do, we eat, we sleep, we brush our teeth, we dream, we do chores, likewise, all other people do that too. But, is it a mistake we are being born as gay? No! Definitely not.

To be born as gay is to be able to be nice friends with most girls, that however is true, but to be born as gay, we too are known to understand what guys would feel. Speaking nicely, what i meant is we are having our own life that we understand girls and boys at the same time.

I felt so unhappy that when one of my friends are arguing with her girlfriend recently and he kept on insisting on committing suicide to me. That makes me so heartaching. Sometimes, although i know that i am gay and i insist that i should respect the straights, i never dare to go near them. I only told several friends that i am gay though. I approach him today to tell him to stand up as there are millions of opportunities out there for him to find the perfect one.

The point is, being gay makes me absolutely reminding myself to feel for people's thoughts as well as think in an appropriate manner. I am not stating that the others don't. Sorry if i upset anyone.

But, i know, that friends are important, as i told him that chances are out there. I told him i am a gay, he felt so shocked and tried to avoid me. I told him not to as i will not be taking advantage of the situation. I felt that he should understand that to find a perfect partner in the world of gay is much more competitive than the straights. It is hard to find one which is suitable for us.

As he is still crying, i told him that he should stand up for being able to learn a lesson from the past relationship. Whatever past, is past, i still hope that up to this day, everyone is able to understand us. And that miracle moment came in this morning when he thanked me and accept me as his sincere friend, i cried as he said that. It's a few teardrops, maybe i should say i weep.

Anyway, my point is as long as we can make each other happy, we don't have to look at people mainly because they are different, because they are NOT, they are simply SPECIAL. So, stay strong as we fight for freedom and one day, we will be able to do so.

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Monday, 28 January 2013

Parents. Can they accept us?

Parents are the most important people for everyone in life. We are borned from their flesh and grow from their nurture. But, is it us that we decide to be gay?

I couldn't really understand why certain parents want to break their family rapport and relationship after the child closeted out his or her secret of being different. I take back my word, it should be being unique.

I personally think that most parents are afraid that their kids are gays or lesbians or whatever mainly because of the foundation of the society. The foundation of the society are too strong that once you ran off the tract, you will be known as the spoiler of the society.

In example, imagine you are your parents and you tell your friends that you son is gay or your daughter is lesbian, would you dare to face that circumstances? No. Imagine, if you are not the one that telling them, but there are rumours that are spreading regarding your son and daughter.

Rumours kill. Believe me, they do. As the storyline of the movie, Prayers for Bobby, it speaks of the boy named Bobby, whose death is because of the parents' especially his mum's religious which totally is ignorant of the boy's innocent choice to be gay. To be gay or not, is not a joking selection or a voting election, it is being chosen, and we are fated. We are the ones only with the responsibility to build our future, so it is our choice to be like that, to be unique. We cannot choose.

I myself, still dare not, until today, tell my parents that i am gay. It is because my parents are too religious. And they often tell the surrounding family members that if they found a homosexual child in the family, it is the utmost importance to send them to religious classes in order to save them from any further establishment in the homosexual community. But, is that what we want?

God, please, if you really create us to be gay, why do you have to let us suffer at your own creation? Why  do you want to challenge us so.... unacceptably? I just want my parents' love. I want their care about me. Afterall, i am their son. I am their only son in the family. I will love them, even if they hate me. Because my flesh are the flesh of theirs too.

Parents... aren't we your child? Please....

Thursday, 24 January 2013

First Post : Hi Everyone, I am Rex. Your one and only admin currently.

Hello everyone,

My name is Rex. I am a boy. A simple boy, borned in the wealthy land of Malaysia. My country however limits me on being gay, being closeted up to this day. I want to break free of this barrier. I don't have enough strength.

Ever since i am a child, i have found myself to be weird, speaking frankly fantasizing with my friends whom are all boys. But, i never thought that this action of thinking can be dangerous. In Malaysia, gays are particularly discriminated such that until today we are still fighting for it through different perspective.

It is love that is important in our life. Religion, as what my government said, is that, we should not be gay. Even if we are gay, we must change our course. I found myself that, what important to me is love. I want to break free, as the next generations that will rule the country, i wished that i can change the perspective around me.

Slowly and slowly, i would want to make a day better for equality is slowly approaching as i am growing. I know that we should not try to promote anythings to change other people's sexual orientation, which is why, i hope, everybody remains who they are and stay true as what our God desire us to be.

Below is a simple video clip about gay in Malaysia.